Deceived No More - Teen's Study

Deceived No More - Teen's Study


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  • Equips teens with the truths of God

  • Reveals areas where the enemy has tried to grab hold of their lives

  • Empowers them to live the bold, powerful, life that God intended

  • Challenges teens to throw off the distractions of this world

  • Helps them discover their identity and purpose in Christ

  • Frees them to live fully devoted to God through the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Designed for ages 13 and up.

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Click HERE to download the “Understanding Jesus” chapter from our teen study, “Deceived No More”.

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Customer Reviews:

“This treasure of a book will open your eyes to spiritual warfare! Highly recommend this book for teenagers and even young adults! Easy to understand with simple vocabulary and well thought out scenarios. A lot of times it can be confusing or difficult to understand or grasp certain parts of "faith in action" and how to live out a Christian life; this book gets past the surface level of Christianity to the "root" & heart issues, but it isn't complicated or difficult to follow. You won't regret ordering and reading this book! I will definitely be reading it again and sharing it's knowledge and insight with others!” Debbie - Birmingham, AL

“Great book for teens! This is a great tool to use for any teen. Great spiritual principles written in easy to understand language. If you want to lead a study for teens or just grow you walk with God, Deceived No more is a must have!” Amazon Customer Review

“Powerful! Very easy to understand even for a brand new Christian. I would highly recommend it!” Gabby - Pell City, AL

“Amazing book! Incredible! Recommend for any teen or preteen.” Holly - Amazon Customer Review

“Wonderful Resource. Amazing perspective with easy to understand writing. This will grow your faith and walk without a doubt.” Brooke - AL