Dominican Kids

Dominican Kids operates an ongoing feeding program where we bring the children living in the streets daily to our mission house.

The children receive a hot and nutritious meal, a shower with soap and deodorant, a bathroom, clean clothes, and time to play in a safe and protected environment. 

Typically, the meal the kids receive at our mission house is the only food they will eat all day. The children are picked up in our mission van and brought to our mission house.

Often there are also several children that may walk several miles to the house just to eat a hot meal and get a bath.


Homeschooling You Can Do It!

Eliminate self-doubt and get the clarity, confidence, and skills you need to successfully teach your child from home

I began homeschooling in 2011 with a lot of questions and uncertainty, but I stuck with it relying on God as my strength, and have enjoyed homeschooling for so many reasons!

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